Indoor Inflatable Play And Party Center
Jumps & Downs Indoor inflatable play and party center, birthday party place for kids
Jumps & Downs Indoor Inflatable play and party center, birthday party place for kids
Q: What are the rules for open play?

      * Supervision by an adult is required at all times
      * Entry into the inflatable device should be done in an orderly and controlled manner
      * Riders should be of similar age, weight, and height rage. Adults and older children should not ride with younger children
      *No shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry, or sharp objects
      *No drinks,gum, pets, or silly string
      *Stay away from air blowers and power cords at all times!

Q: Is there an age limit for kids?

We cater to kids ages 1-10 y.o. Older kids should be advised by parents to be mindful of little kids playing on the same equipment. Infants under 1 y.o. are admitted free with a paid sibling or get 50% off regular admission price without a sibling.

Q: What should the kids wear?

      Comfortable clothes (no zippers on pant legs!) Long pants or sweats are the best. Please make sure your kids wear socks. No jewelry.

Q: Can adults climb on the inflatables?

      No adult heavier than 200 pounds is allowed on inflatable. They may enter to assist their child, if needed.  Each inflatable device has a maximum weight it can handle at a time. Please read the rules on the device before entering.

Q: Are your inflatables safe for small kids?

      Yes, we have a toddler playground and a mini bouncer that is for kids ages 2-4. There is also a ball pit that small kids are welcome to play in.

Q:  How do I book a party?

      You can either fill out a form online by going to Book a party, call us or email us

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

      If you provide at least 7 days notice, you may apply your deposit to any available date or time within the next two months. Any party canceled in fewer than 7 days or not re-booked within two months will forfeit their deposit. 

Q: Can I bring my own food, drinks or decorations into Jumps & Downs?

      You can bring cake, ice cream (please no ice cream on sticks or ice cream cones, only in a dish), cup cakes, and food (as long as it does not plug into a wall outlet).  We will decorate the party room for you. If you would like to bring your own decorations or paper products, please make sure to specify that when you are booking the party.

Q: How early should everyone arrive prior to the party?

      Please, arrive no more than 10-15 min before the party time.  We need to collect waivers, make sure each child is accompanied by an adult and review the rules.

Q: Can we have a party without reserving a private party room?

      No! Gifts, cake or cupcakes are not allowed to be served during Open play times. Anyone bringing gifts/exchanging gifts or having an event that resembles a party without a prior reservation will be subjected to a $100 walk-in party charge (in addition to their admission fee).

Q: Can our party come early or stay later than the booked party time?

      No.  The cost of the party covers the time-frame booked.  You can arrive up to 15 minutes early to setup assuming the party room is ready, but do require all guests are out within 10 minutes after of the end-time of the party.  We recommend having all your items out of the party room prior to your booked ending time to avoid additional charges.  Please note that there may be a party that is booked after yours (usually 30 minutes apart on weekends), so it is important to be mindful of your end-time.  If your party is the last party of the day, you still must be out by the booked end-time to avoid additional fees.
Frequently Asked Questions